Inspired by the love of fashion and beauty, in 2008 we created Bebird. Nowadays, mass production and mass products are at their peak. We are poured out of thousands of identical products made in some distant large factory. We created our studio so we can offer you something different, handmade fashion accessories carefully made, personally and only for you. We perceive our work rather as making art and expressing ideas, than simply producing just a product. Every step of creating any bag or accessory goes through our hands - from design to pattern making, cutting, gluing, sewing and everything we need to turn our ideas into a finished product. Each stage of production requires its time for creation and completion. Each item is made especially for you. Most of our products are unique or in single pieces. We believe so every product for you is special and unique, handcrafted with the heart. Bebird is a studio for the ladies who inspire. If you love fashion, here is where you will find something different and just for you. We are more than proud when you beautify what we have made with our hands.

BEBIRD - Exclusive Leather and Wood Essentials

At BEBIRD we believe that every woman is different. We believe that every woman is very special and has that specific power that only we women have. Each one of us is incredible,wonderful, delicate and strong. We believe we have to build our style based on our own personality, namely by letting our personality express itselfself. We believe that how we dress and accessorise,express our personality and ourselves. We believe you have to follow your inner voice, what inspires you, your heart, your dreams and your desires.

That’s why our vision is to create and give all of you the perfect accessories so you can look incredibly anywhere, anytime and in every place. To be able to emphasize your natural beauty and feel even more feminine and special, not only in your everyday life but also during your work week, your business meetings and other engagements.
Our ladies are self-confident, self-esteemed, open-minded, happy women who express themselves freely, who share with us what they need so we can create even more perfect ways for them to look incredible everywhere and every day.
We create everything with love for you!