The Global Movement Fashion Revolution

As a brand engaged to responsibility of the nature and sustainable and ecological development, we can not remain indifferent to some of the issues that perturb us. That is why we will share some information that we think is important and we need to have in mind as modern citizens and participants in the life of this planet. We think we should be conscious of what each of us leaves behind as a trace and consequence of our actions.

Have you ever wondered who made your clothes and everything you have in your wardrobe? Have you asked how much are these peaple paid, with what and how these people live.

The clothes and accessories that we have traveled thousands of kilometers before they reach the glossy stand in the mall and the shop. Approximately 75 million people, most women between 18 and 35, work for this. The vast majority of them live in poverty, physically and psychological exploitation, and often can not afford basic living things. They work in polluted environments and dangerous working conditions, many hours a day.

One of the biggest polluters on the planet is the fashion industry.
Nowadays people and nature suffer from the way fashion works so far.

This is how the FASHION REVOLUTION movement is born. It fights for a fairer, safer, cleaner and more transparent fashion industry.

For us it is important in the context of positive change, to have maximum transparency. Everyone deserves to know who has made the things he is wearing and under what conditions they were made.

A hundred years ago it was a luxury and a sign of great wealthness to have new clothes. With the Industrial Revolution, it is becoming more and more easy for most of the people to own new ones as well. Nowadays, the production of clothing and accessories is degraded to mass production of questionable quality.

That is why the more we care about and want information, the more we can influence more responsible behavior of the brands. And of course, but not least, is the personal responsibility of each of us.