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By Michaela Geneva

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By Michaela Geneva

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Exquisite And Unique Look

By Michaela Geneva

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Delicacy, self-confidence, beauty. Our MUST HAVES for the colorful self-confident girl.


The Art of Accessorizing

We believe that style expresses our individuality. True beauty begins at the moment you decide to be yourself. DO NOT LIKE THE REST OF THEM DARLING (Coco Chanel)

At Bebird, we believe that women deserve the best in every aspect of their lives. We have special attention to every detail we make - by hand, choosing the finest materials and the finest Italian leather, we are rising the accessories into a philosophy of life and into an complete lifestyle concept.

Bebird is a luxury experience. Considering every detail, we treat our collections as beautiful works of art. We transform even the simplest outfit into exquisite and unique look.

Summer accessories


Summer Must-Haves

The most stylish accessories from the new collection.

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